Thursday, August 25, 2011

General Rules For The Juice Diet

General Rules For The Juice Diet

When starting out on the juice diet it can be difficult if you don't know some tips and rules about the juice diet. I'm going to go over a few juicing rules and tips to help get you going in the right direction so that way you are ready for when you go on your juice diet.

Avoid trying to store your juice for over 24 hours. You should always try to have juice that is fresh but sometimes this cannot be possible. However, never let stay in storage for over 24 hours. When you go to store it always put it in a glass jar with a good lid on it. Juice often times loses the nutrition when it's stored for long periods.

If you want to juice with melons then always juice the melon by itself and don't mix it in with other things. One thing that you might want to do is have a meal that is just based on melon.

Always remember that vegetables plus raw fruits often times cannot be eaten at the same time and the only exception to this would be apples. It might be tempting to mix the two of them together but it's not very good for you.

Many people think that vegetables juices must be diluted at all times and that is not true because you can have vegetable juices without them being diluted.

When you are trying to juice greens for the first time you might find it hard to do. It might not be very easy to pour out the juice and so one idea is to do some small carrots in first then put in your green something like parsley and then add in more vegetables. This makes it easier to do the greens. Another thing to remember is not to add in over 25% of the green juice to whatever kind of vegetable juices you are having.

Before you start on the diet first talk with your doctor and find out if you need to cut back on your medications and supplements first before you begin it. The reason why is because often times on the juice diet you'll be getting lots of daily vitamins and if you are trying to fast plus take those medications then it could cause you to have problems because you might be getting way to much of them. However, some medications you might need to stay on such as thyroid medication or diabetic medication and if you need to stay on those kind of medications find out what you should do to make sure that everything remains balanced in your system.

These are just some general rules and quick tips to help you out on your diet. Always do a lot of research before you start and make sure that you work out some kind of plan that works out the best for you and is the easiest for you to keep up with so that way the diet might end up even being for you.

This guest post was written by Kari Kenseth, owner of this Juice Diet Blog and expert in the field of juice detox diets.

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