Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Athlete's Foot Cure & Jock Itch Cure

Athlete's Foot Cure & Jock Itch Cure

We're just going to jump right in and give you some simple solutions. These solution were written for athletes foot, but could very well be used to cure jock itch as well.

Natural Tea Tree Oil Cures Athletes Foot
  • Prescription-grade athlete's foot products can only be described by doctors. If you look around you'll find that this ingredient is available without a prescription and for sale at the dollar store! The only difference is that there's a lower concentration of the active ingredient (so you just use a little more). There are a few different active ingredients in different brands, but since they're all $1, why not just buy them all and see what works for you? Note: use the hair dryer to dry the cream after rubbing it in. Moisture is what causes the problem in the first place.
While the above is not a natural cure, it's a simple answer that most people are looking for, so it heads our list. Now, lets move on to some natural cures
  • Do the above solution with the prescription or dollar store cream, but do it with tea tree oil. It works better, costs the same, and isn't harmful to your skin
  • Soaking your feet in water with raw apple cider vinegar should help (the more vinegar the better) . Or putting a few drops of vinegarinside your socks and letting it dry before you put them on might be okay. Or, maybe you could try sleeping with with socks that have been soaked in vinegar and then dried

  • If I'm out all day with shoes on, when I'm sitting down at the coffeeshop, I'll take my shoes off for a bit and let them air out. This is probably the single most important thing if you have shoes on all day. Putting powder on your feet before you put your socks on can be coupled with this.
  • Wash your feet in a private bathroom sink when they are really sweaty
  • Sleep barefooted so your feet remain dry at night. Use powder too.
  • Why I don't have the problem: in the summer, instead of wearing shoes everyday, I would sometimes wear flip-flops with no socks. This really works.
  • Wash your socks inside out (doesn't clean the dirty heals as well but gets rid of the fungus better. If you're worried, wash them twice!)
  • Dry your feet with the hair dryer after a shower

I've tried all of these things (except lemon/vinegar) and I know they work, as I too have had athlete's foot and jock itch. I haven't had athlete's foot or even stinky feet for years (that's saying a lot because my shoes are old and stink, meaning that the fungus IS reaching my feet, but not taking hold.) It's pretty easy to take off slippers before bed. It takes me a few seconds to put some powder on my feet before putting on my socks. No problem to take of my shoes when sitting in Starbucks reading a book.

Hope this helps.


  1. Hey thats a good blog. Thanks for the information. Natural way of detoxcification is the one way of cleaning your body from all the organic substance from your body.

  2. Yes!

    I found my inner thigh, jock itch cure to be an equal parts mixture of:

    tea tree oil, vinegar, and listerine mouthwash.

    Apply generously for two weeks in cleaned and dry affected area, after morning shower and before bed.

    It may be irritating for the first couple of days, but it recedes as the fungus dies.

    Tried every otc medication, powder, lotion for over a year. It's now been 3 months and it has not returned. This can work for you!!!!

  3. Thanks to you both- especially the anonymous posting. I really needed that info!


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